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Presented by the International News Net. A made for television event at Walker Stage in lower Manhattan on September 11th and 12th, 2010

OUR FIRST 4 VIDEOS ARE AVAILABLE NOW. Others coming soon. See trailers below.

Goodbye 4th Amendment: Your Government is Watching You!

Distrust Your Government: How Conspiracy Theorists Become Conspiracy Realists

Rule of Law

Are We Patriots or Are We Terrorists? Have We Grown Afraid of Our Own Government?


The Puffin Foundation | Soundview Television | We Are Change NY | WBAI | IAC

“We either shape our future based on truth for the betterment of humanity, or the future will be shaped in the interest of the few who seek to conceal the truth to the detriment of humanity.”

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The 4th Estate

Truth and Consequences

Goodbye 4th Amendment

Splitting the Classes

Rule of Law

Rise of Islamaphobia

Distrust Your Government

Are We Patriots?

The Science of 9-11

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