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4 VIDEOS NOW AVAILABLE! See trailers here or by clicking the Trailers tab.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out the form below with your first name, last name, and the amount to charge your credit card ($20.00 for each). Purchase all 4 at a special price of $65.00 which will include a bonus DVD of the Dr. Neils Herrit 40 minute presentation.

Click "Next" to verify your order. Then you will be taken to our merchant account page. If you are ordering a single video, be sure to type the name in the "Description" box ("Goodbye 4th Amendment" or "Distrust Your Government"). If you are ordering both, just type "Video 1 and 2" in the box.

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Please specify which video you would like, or if you're ordering both. Proceeds go to help INN World Report stay in action.

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“We either shape our future based on truth for the betterment of humanity, or the future will be shaped in the interest of the few who seek to conceal the truth to the detriment of humanity.”

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The 4th Estate

Truth and Consequences

Goodbye 4th Amendment

Splitting the Classes

Rule of Law

Rise of Islamaphobia

Distrust Your Government

Are We Patriots?

The Science of 9-11

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