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I.N.N. World Report TV & Radio News is one of only two independent TV news shows broadcast nationally in the U.S. each weekday. We are a non-profit (501(c)3) and non-partisan. Almost 100% of our support comes from tax-deductible donations from our viewers/listeners.


Since 2004, we have broadcasted a 30-minute, evening news program Mondays through Fridays on Free Speech TV (Dish Network Channel 9415). The show also airs on Time-Warner Cable, Comcast and more than 100 cable access stations. Each show reaches between 22 and 40 million U.S. households each weekday, and possibly many more because Free Speech TV plays each show three times.

I.N.N. World Report also produces two original radio interview shows, which run on Wednesdays and Sundays each week on the Libertarian-slanted, We the People Radio Network (

I.N.N. takes-on difficult, under-reported but crucial issues that are rarely broadcast on corporate news. We bring our viewers/ listeners more than 100 original news stories each week, covering:

  • Domestic and foreign issues and policy--we really do cover both the nation and the world
  • The wars
  • Privacy, Bill of Rights and civil liberties issues

On our site you will find hundreds of past interviews that inform and educate the public like no other news source available. Visit often to see our Daily News Briefs and view our video archive.

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