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Presented by the International News Net. A made for television event at Walker Stage in lower Manhattan on September 11th and 12th, 2010

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Four hundred people attended our 2-day symposium featuring 8 panel discussions designed to explore the important changes in our world since the attacks of 9/11 and the ever increasing need to understand its relevance. On the 9th anniversary of these attacks we looked back on 2 wars, 2 U.S. Administrations, a world financial crisis and the impact on culture both home and abroad. Of particular interest was the changes in the face of the military, the surveillance state, the media, the economy, politics and corporatism that have been cast by the official government narrative of the attacks and the struggle against empire embodied in these changes. In addition to the scheduled speakers a very passionate and highly relevant presentation was given by Ralph Pointer, husband of attorney Lynn Stewart who was wrongfully convicted for events related to the '93 Trade Center Bombing.

We thank our stellar array of speakers who have gained global recognition for having engaged and challenged these changes.

The entire event was filmed and is now being edited to DVD format and will be available to the public by early November. See our Trailers section to view important excerpts. Join our email list for updates. In case you missed the event, visit our Program and Speakers sections for an overview of the entire program.

Of additional interest, at 9:11 pm on the evening of Sept. 11, 2010 a unique event occurred in the skies over lower Manhattan.

3 Beams Over Ground Zero

3 Beams Over Ground Zero

Every year since the tragic events of 9/11 NYC authorities have projected 2 huge light beams into the night sky above Ground Zero, replacing the World Trade Towers that once stood there with a powerful symbol of remembrance. But why just 2 beams?

Most of the world still doesn't know that a third tower fell on 9/11. WTC7, which was a 47-story steel-framed building collapsed at freefall speed in 6.5 seconds into it's own footprint at 5:20pm. It wasn't hit by a plane, and did not have serious structural damage. Why wasn't this televised repeatedly? Why hasn't this been truthfully explained? Isn't it time for the world to know? Google WTC7 collapse and research it for yourself. The truth matters.


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“We either shape our future based on truth for the betterment of humanity, or the future will be shaped in the interest of the few who seek to conceal the truth to the detriment of humanity.”

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